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D-RIBOSE : Keeping the Body at its Prime

Health is arguably the single most important essence that constitutes human life. Everyone should have access to good and optimum health because it is the one thing that makes life worth living. Heart health in particular is becoming a great concern for health conscious individuals because a healthy heart is the very core of their lifestyle and reason for being. For a lot of people, a healthy body comprises energy and vitality and to achieve optimal health, medical research is always finding new ways to greatly improve overall health to keep the body at its natural peak as much as possible.

Of the thousands of approved supplements to boost heart health that are circulating in the market today, Ribose derived supplements are effective in boosting overall health. Ribose is a five carbon molecule glucose naturally found in ribonucleic acid (RNA) which is ingeniously synthesized as a conjunctive supplement to several treatment procedures for various health functions basically imperative to the health and wellness field. Ribose supplements are widely used as an alternative medicine in the health and wellness industry as it is enormously effective in enhancing the human body to its prime condition.

D-ribose and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

D-ribose is a naturally incurring glucose synthesized from the human RNA or ribonucleic acid which naturally combats the effects of fatigue. Active individuals, especially peak performing athletes, are at high risk for contracting Chronic Fatigue syndrome because of the intensity of their daily training that often leads to a near depletion of their natural energy reserves. The human body despite its peak conditioning has its limits. ATP or adenosine triphosphate is the body’s primary energy transporting molecule responsible for carrying energy throughout the body. D-ribose has shown to positively enhance recovery of ATP levels to baseline levels in a short period of time.

ATP drops due to several reasons such as Chronic Fatigue syndrome, heart attacks and high intensity workout. Adequate rest will primarily replenish depleted energy but sometimes chronic fatigue brought about by high intensity activities simply cannot be treated even with several days of rest. Research has shown that without D-ribose supplementation the skeletal muscles that have exhausted ATP levels will take longer than 24 hours to recover to pre peak levels because of a condition called Anoxia or low oxygen levels in the body.

Anoxia occurs when major muscles in the body use up too much oxygen faster than it can be supplied in the blood stream via the cardio-respiratory system. Studies have shown that oral intake of D-ribose significantly boosts ATP recovery so that the recovery period for the skeletal and cardiac muscle is much faster back to its pre workout levels. By taking in 3-5 grams before and after rigorous training exercises greatly reduces recovery from exhaustion. The effects of D-ribose is generally immediate that lasts for about 80 minutes and peaks within 40 minutes. Moreover, D-ribose greatly boosts cardiovascular and muscular functions by maintaining high levels of cellular energy and shortening the time it takes for the muscles of the heart and body to recover.

D-ribose and Heart Health

Infarcts and Ischemia of the heart result in poor blood supply and decreased oxygen and are the two main reasons why people with cardiac conditions are forbidden to engage in strenuous activities. When any of these debilitating conditions occur, ATP levels in the body especially in the heart dramatically decrease which leads to fast depletion of energy and longer recovery period. D-ribose increases the resistance of the cardiac muscles from fatigue by building more ATP in the body significantly boosting heart health towards recovery. Similar studies showed that D-ribose given to patients who suffered from heart attacks resulted in a much faster recovery time as compared to patients who were not given D-ribose wherein their heart prognosis were still relatively poor even after 4 weeks of bed rest. D-ribose is very effective in maintaining the physical integrity of the heart muscle. D-ribose naturally increases levels of ATP to improve cardiac contraction which in turn increases blood flow therefore allowing a faster recovery of the cardiac muscles following a heart attack. Moreover, D-ribose also plays a key supplemental role in managing ischemic heart diseases as there is deprived blood flow to the heart due to inadequate or weak heart contractions. The ATP production is increased to restore the cardiac tissue’s integrity by allowing more blood flow and resistance to fatigue.

D-ribose and Blood Sugar Levels

Blood sugar level is the amount of glucose or sugar present in the blood which is the body’s main food source. The human body strictly monitors and controls blood sugar levels as part of its homeostatic function. High blood sugar levels result in too much glucose present in the blood (hyperglycemia) which if left uncontrolled leads to a condition called diabetes. On the other hand if the body is low in glucose (hypoglycemia) the body and its main organs will later shut down since no energy is supplying the body. D-ribose increases the production of insulin, a hormone secreted by the pancreas that assists in the transport of glucose to the different organs in the body. Too much glucose in the body is generally not good and D-ribose has shown to have an inhibitory and regulatory effect on an enzyme called phosphoglucomutase secreted by the liver that breaks down glycogen (glucose stores in the body) thus lowering blood sugar levels. This in turn helps the cells absorb glucose from the blood much faster and reduces the release of glucose from the liver. Suggested dosage of D-ribose to help lower blood sugar levels is 5 grams thrice a day following meals for two weeks then drop down to the same dosage but taken only twice after meals.

D-ribose Effects for Fibromyalgia and Muscle Health

Fibromyalgia is a severely debilitating condition characterized by chronic pain in certain locations in the body wherein the exact cause is unknown. People suffering from this condition have positively shown low levels of ATP in their system which results in reduced capacity to produce ATP in their muscles for energy consumption. D-ribose exact therapeutic effect to people suffering from Fibromyalgia is not fully understood but it does affect ATP synthesis which directly results in significantly decreasing muscle pain leading to a better quality of life for people with this condition. Ribose supplementation for Fibromyalgia - patients need to take 5 grams of the supplement three times a day after meals for two weeks and reduce the frequency to twice a day depending on pain severity.

Other Health Benefits of D-ribose

Medical research has concluded that apart from increasing ATP release and shortening the recovery period of muscle fatigue, D-ribose also helps in eliminating free radicals in the body by increasing anti-oxidant levels to combat free radical causing diseases. Rigorous and intense workout and stressful workloads produce free radicals in the body. Adequate rest and taking in Ribose supplementation greatly helps in the fast elimination of the damaging effects of free radicals by converting them into free binding substances that can be easily detoxified and eliminated by the liver and kidneys.

Whether the body is worn out from extreme exercise workouts, post myocardial infarction, and cardiac related diseases, Ribose synthesized supplements can surely help hasten recovery time. This breakthrough in supplemental medicine greatly boosts overall health and vitality by helping the body adjust back to its normal state faster without the ill effects of over fatigue. So much so are the many other health benefits that it can be used in helping the body improve overall bodily functions so one can live a fulfilling and active life.

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